Commercial Electrical Services

Serving General Contractors and Major Commercial Clients with Excellence

Exceptional Commercial Electrical Services

Sylvester Electric is your premier partner for all commercial electrical needs. We specialize in delivering top-tier electrical solutions tailored for large commercial clients and general contractors.

Commerical Direct Electric Services

With decades of experience in the commercial sector, Sylvester Electric is your go-to partner for large-scale electrical projects. Our team is well-equipped to manage the electrical needs of businesses of all sizes, including schools, manufacturing facilities, factories, large commercial stores, and property management firms.

We have the capacity and expertise to take on substantial jobs, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions that keep your operations running smoothly and safely. Trust Sylvester Electric for professional, high-quality electrical services tailored to meet the demands of your business.

Commercial General Contractors

Sylvester Electric is proud to collaborate with general contractors on commercial projects, from new builds to extensive renovations. Our dedicated team brings expertise and precision to every job, ensuring that all electrical components are installed and maintained to the highest standards.

We understand the unique challenges and demands of commercial construction, and we are committed to delivering reliable, timely, and efficient electrical solutions that support the success of your project. Partner with us for seamless integration and top-tier service on all your commercial builds.

Commercial Client Portfolio

Sylvester Electric is Trusted by Industry Leaders for Over 30 Years

Commercial Electric Services by Sylvester Electric

Sylvester Electric understands that electrical problems can disrupt your business operations, which is why we are here to take care of them for you. Each member of our team is equipped with the expertise and resources needed to handle any commercial electrical project that comes our way.

We offer a full range of commercial electrical services, including:

Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers, and Fuses: Installation and maintenance of electrical panels, circuit breakers, and fuses to ensure reliable power distribution and safety.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Setup and installation of EV charging stations to support your business's transition to sustainable transportation.

Commercial Lighting: Design and installation of efficient and effective lighting solutions tailored to commercial environments.

Electrical Renovations: Comprehensive electrical upgrades and renovations to modernize and enhance your commercial property.

Wiring Installations and Repairs:  Professional wiring installations and repairs to meet the specific needs of commercial operations.

Commercial Electrical Maintenance: Routine maintenance services to ensure the continued safety and efficiency of your commercial electrical systems.

Commercial Electrical Inspections: Thorough inspections to identify and address potential electrical issues, ensuring compliance and safety.

Commercial Generators: Installation and maintenance of commercial generators to provide reliable backup power during outages.

Smoke Detectors: Installation and maintenance of smoke detection systems to protect your business and ensure safety.

Commercial Electrical Repairs: Prompt and reliable electrical repair services to address any issues and minimize downtime.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades: Upgrades to your electrical systems to meet the growing demands of your commercial operations.

Commercial Wiring; Expert wiring services for all types of commercial buildings, ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems.

Industrial Wiring: Specialized wiring solutions for industrial facilities, designed to handle high-power demands and complex systems.

Design Build Services: Integrated design-build services for seamless planning and execution of electrical projects.

New Buildouts: Complete electrical services for new commercial buildouts, from initial planning to final installation.

New Construction Projects: Comprehensive electrical solutions for new commercial construction projects, ensuring all electrical needs are met.

New Service Upgrades: Upgrading electrical services to support the expansion and increased demands of your commercial property.

Remodels: Electrical remodeling services to enhance and update existing commercial spaces.

Server Rooms: Specialized electrical installations for server rooms, ensuring reliable and efficient power and data connections.

Fire Alarm Systems: Design, installation, and maintenance of fire alarm systems to protect your commercial property.

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspecting:  Regular testing and inspection of fire alarm systems to ensure they are functioning correctly and compliant with regulations.

Yearly Switch Gear Maintenance: Annual maintenance of switchgear to ensure reliability and prevent electrical failures.

Generators: Installation and maintenance of generators to provide backup power and ensure continuous operations.

Facilities Maintenance Contracts: Comprehensive maintenance contracts to keep your facility's electrical systems running smoothly and efficiently.

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